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Release date: December 4, 2019
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Bands: Forest Swords
Release Name: The Machine Air (Original Film Soundtrack)
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List of tracks
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1. Taking Off
2. Swarm
3. Do Drones Go To Heaven?
4. The Textile Factory
5. Civilians
6. Open Water, Looking Down
7. Lithium Pool
8. Lithium Pool Reprise
9. Police
10. Target Night Vision
11. Dust Settle
12. Medic Drop
13. Heatseeking
14. Battery Power Down

Forest Swords, aka electronic producer and artist Matthew Barnes, has announced the release of his debut score for film. The Machine Air (Original Film Soundtrack), will be released this winter on limited vinyl via his label Dense Truth.

Part art film, part performance piece, The Machine Air is a fever dream visual poem and the first film to be both about and recorded by flying drones. Created by speculative architect and director Liam Young, it jams together Youtube and Liveleak rips with specially filmed, astonishing aerial shots of Indian textile factories and Bolivian lithium mines the first time ever captured on camera. Premiered in its original form at BFI London Film Festival, its since been screened at the likes of Sonar Festival and Eindhoven Bienniale.

Barnes score, presented here sculpted and edited into 14 individual tracks, echoes the films cyberpunk claustrophobia: smeared sci-fi synth and distorted melodies rattle alongside metronomic rhythms and stretched samples, rewiring the hums of flying vehicles into warped and contorted sound design. Intimate piano melody weaves with sub bass, while woozy electronics and strings mirror the fluttering of the machines as they hover skywards, powering up and down.

The Machine Airs soundtrack navigates the tension of this tech in our lives: drones simultaneously used as autonomous killing machines or aid delivery vehicles; surveillance robots or Amazon shopping tools. While Barnes previous work has retooled organic and human sounds into modern electronic worlds, here he pushes and pulls the music into beautiful, more dystopian shapes, combining with Youngs visuals to give a chilly glimpse into the near future.

Edition of 300 only, on black vinyl with insert.

Produced and mixed by Matthew Barnes in Liverpool and London. Mastered by Denis Blackham (Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, Eurythmics).

The soundtrack follows his acclaimed DJ-Kicks compilation from last year, and Barnes recent score for Sundance award winning documentary Ghosts of Sugar Land.
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